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Triumph Renown 2000 1950

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€ 18.000
This car has been well kept over the years and was sold between dealers several times before it came in the hands of the previous owner. He was a real car enthusiast and kept the car in his small garage well protected against the elements. But as his family grew and everybody needed more and more space the car had to go. Lucky for us we could buy it from him and transported the car to our collection. The transport itself was an adventure. On our way back cruising the M6 we were warned by a coach driver that our trailer has had a blowout. Luckily there were four wheels so two axles on the trailer. Once we made it to a Motorway service save and sound, we wanted to change wheels and discovered that we had no spare tire with us and that the spare we needed was not a normal size. Anyway, with the help of the staff at the rest area and an mobile tire specialist some eight hours later we were on the road again.

In 2016 the car was invited at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen. There was one car representing every one of the 90 years. The car represented the year 1951. So not only there are not many left, there is only one that has been at Buckingham Palace celebrating the Queen.

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1950 Triumph Renown te koop 1950 Triumph Renown te koop 1950 Triumph Renown te koop 1950 Triumph Renown te koop 1950 Triumph Renown te koop
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