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If rare, exclusive cars are what you are looking for, look no further. This car is the one and only BMW 3000 Glas Frua in excistance and is thus one of the rarest cars around.

In 1966 BMW bought the famous and well-respected carmaker Glas in order to be able to increase their own production-capacity. BMW then stopped producing the lighter Glas models and instead started production of the high-end V8-models. BMW was by that time already well-advanced in the development of their then brand-new E9-series (let's say the 6-series of those days) but wanted to make sure they made the right decision by focussing on the E9 with it's six-in-line instead of the Glas' V8. That's why they ordered the famous Italian coachbuilder Frua to make the ultimate BMW 3000 Glas V8: a german engineered, Itlian designed and V8-powered supercoupƩ.
The cars this beauty was to be compared with were the Maserati Ghibli, the Iso Grifo and, to a lesser extend, the Alfa Romeo Montreal. They were all V8-powered, low slung, beautiful GT's that were admired by every carnut around. Those cars influences become apparent in the lines Frua designed for this BMW V8: the long nose, broad stance and sleek lines are very recogniseable.

This handbuilt-beauty was displayed by BMW at several motor shows including Geneva and Paris in 1967, Geneva in 1968 and Barcelona in 1969, all of where the car proved very popular. At each of these venues the car was presented in a different color, nowadays she finds herself in the absolutely stunning silver/blue metallic color, identical as during the Paris motorshow of 1967.

As history has learned, BMW did finally opt to take their own-designed E9-series into production, what also meant the end for the BMW Glas V8. By doing so, BMW ensured this BMW 3000 Glas Frua would always remain th eone and only example in excistence.

By coincidence, a car-loving gentleman from Andalucia got track of the car after the Barcelona autoshow of 1969 and was able to persuade BMW to buy the car from them. He owned the car for 20 years until his death, after which an employee of the owner bought the car from his estate.

The car has been lovingly restored to it's Paris motorshow-configuration and now finds itself in a perfectly working and beautiful condition. It's 160HP 3000V8 runs super sweet and the 4-speed manual gearbox shifts smootly. Thi scar is ready to be driven or to be displayed as the star of any carshow in the world! This is a great chance to buy a super exclusive car and a big piece of automotive history!
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